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Proven experience, serving Special Operations and the Intelligence Community (IC) for over 30 years… With operations and exercise experience spanning over 100 countries in all regions of the world, RDR’s SOISD has provided support to each Geographic Combatant Commander (GCC), the Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and its components, the IC, and select organizations within the Interagency. SOISD’s record of performance clearly demonstrates an unparalleled and continuing contribution to the US Government’s (USG) readiness to conduct ongoing operations in an evolving global environment.

  • Premier SOF/CT/CWMD exercise company

  • Highly experienced and TS/SCI cleared staff

  • Flexible and responsive worldwide ops/staff experience

  • History of deployments to 100+ countries, 300+ Embassies/Consulates

  • Executive level DOS/CIA/DOD/FBI exercise and Interagency SME consultants

  • Excellent long-term relationships – USSOCOM, Components, GCCs, TSOCs, IA, IC


Experienced Professionals


Enterprise Services Division (ESD)


Exercise Design/Development

  • Joint Event Life Cycle (JELC) Support

  • Strategic/Operational Level Exercises

  • GCC/IA/TSOC/ NATO/Partner Nations

  • JRX/CPX/EDRE/Table Top/Senior Leader Seminars  

  • Planning Conferences & Site Surveys

  • Operations and Intel Scenario development

  • MSEL & Scripting Development across all disciplines and agencies

  • Execute Joint Exercise Control Group with Strategic/Operational DOD/Interagency Role Players

Interagency Communications

Former, recent CIA/DOS/DIA/DOD Embassy Country Team executives teach Embassy Operations, Interagency Intergration, Advanced Communications, and Negotiation Skills Training in a seminar and simulated "Embassy Country Team" format to enable and better prepare units to achieve their training or operational objectives in Host Nations. Ideally suited for all components of USSOCOM to include Special Forces ODA or ODB Leaders, SEAL Teams, MARSOC Company Teams, Civil Affairs Teams, and units designated to conduct Foreign Internal Defense Training.

Education and Training

  • Formal Classroom Education

  • (Introduction, Advanced, Staff Integration Courses)

  • Curriculum/Courseware development

  • Portal Based Instruction

  • Mobile Education Teams

  • Crisis Action/Contingency/Deliberate Planning

  • Lessons Learned and After Action Review

Knowledge Management

  • Lean Six Sigma Training

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Continuous Process Improvement

Intelligence Support

  • All Source Analysis and Production

  • Futures Planning

  • Targeting Methodologies

Transitioning DoD and Interagency Professionals Mentor Service

Fort Bragg area
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